ProDance Footwear


Who are we : CO-DIRECTORS :

Peter Walkden Master Distributor for Evenin Star Boots with over 12 years experience and Pedro Machado 3 Times UCWDC World Superstar Champion in Line Dance .



Was incorporated in 2004 to promote top quality dance footwear The first generation Legend Boot for Line Dancing , designed by Pedro Machado 3 Times UCWDC World Superstar Champion.

With the Legend Boot we had an affordable , value for money boot and it sold world wide .

July 2007 , was the start of the development of the PRO Dance LD Eclipse.

Drawings and technical information were given to the suppliers and a series of prototype boots were made and tested . This took some time as we had to get the toes hapes and heels correct .

In July 2008 we had the final prototype boot which was shown at different events throughout Europe ,asking the Pro’s and other dancers their opinions.

2009 The LD Eclipse was put into production and was offered for sale at the UCWDC Scottish Gathering .

At the UCWDC Europeans in November , we decided to take the boot to America.

In January 2010 the LD Eclipse was shown at the UCWDC World’s In Nashville TN at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel .

We have had a great reaction to the boot and look foward to see a lot of dancers wear our boots.

Now we have dancers from all over the world dancing in our boots and we even have clients in different scenes then just the dance scene. We have clients in the music business as well people that just like our boots. This is because we can alter the sole for outside use.